Facts About Daisy Flowers

Facts About Daisy Flowers
Facts About Daisy Flowers (Image: www.english-country-garden.com/a/i/flowers/oxeye-daisy-1.jpg)

When it comes to flowers, daisies are among the most popular. There have been declining sales of many U.S. grown flowers in recent years. But gerbera daisies and others are among the few flowers that still saw increased sales, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Daisies, simple and elegant, can bring beauty to gardens everywhere.

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Most commonly, a daisy flower is made up of a yellow center surrounded by white petals. Sometimes though, the petals are a shade of pink.

What Is a Daisy Made Of?

A daisy is a mix of two flowers, called a white ray floret and a disk floret.

Perennial or Annual Bloomers?

Daisies are perennial bloomers, meaning they bloom yearly.

Daisy Leaves

The leaves of daisies are consumable, and are commonly used in salads.


If grown in cold weather, daisies should be planted in layers of mulch. Also, it is important to plant them with fertilizer.

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