7 Great IFTTT Recipes to Automate Your Life

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IFTTT Calendar

As I explained in a recent post, IFTTT, or If This Then That, is the magical glue of the internet, connecting your favorite sites and services to automate tasks. There are tons of great things you can do with IFTTT. One of the most productive uses is to connect your Google Calendar with other services for automatic reminders and better time management. Here are seven recipes you can add to your IFTTT account now.

IFTTT mute phoneAutomatically mute your phone during meetings scheduled on your calendar. It’s embarrassing when your phone goes off in the middle of an important meeting or presentation. You can avoid that with this recipe, which mutes Android phones with the option to set the device to vibrate when a calendar event starts. You might want to create a new Google Calendar just for meetings so that other events on your main calendar don’t trigger this mute function. Also, this isn’t just for meetings: Add events for when you’re going to be at the movie theater or other places where it’s better to silence your phone.

IFTTT missed callAdd a calendar reminder to return a call you missed. Never forget a missed call again. IFTTT will add a quick reminder to your calendar to call your contact back in the evening with this recipe (for Android).




IFTTT starred emails to calendarSchedule calendar reminders to review starred emails. Ever star an email to mark it as something you need to act, only to promptly forget it forever? Yeah, me too. This IFTTT recipe ensures your starred emails don’t get forgotten.  It turns starred emails into calendar events, which you can schedule for any time interval, such as 10 a.m. tomorrow.


IFTTT labeled email to calendar

Set a reminder to pay a bill you get in email within 5 days. Paperless billing is great, but it’s easy for electronic bill reminders to get buried in your inbox. This recipe makes sure you never pay a late fee, by taking emails you label as a bill (perhaps automatically with Gmail filters) and adds reminders to pay them within a set number of days.


IFTTT log time at a location in Google CalendarLog your time at a location in Google Calendar. If you’re one of the unfortunate people who have to keep track of their work hours (for example, as a consultant, how much time you spent at a given client location), this IFTTT recipe could help. It uses iOS’ location tracking to add events to Google Calendar noting when you enter or exit the location you specify.

IFTTT Google Calendar to PushbulletSend a reminder if there’s a birthday on your calendar today. This IFTTT recipe connects your calendar with Pushbullet, an app that connects and syncs your phone, tablet and PC. It searches Google Calendar for the keyword “birthday” (or any other keyword you want to specify) and, if found, pushes the link to your Pushbullet-connected devices.


IFTTT Google Calendar to EvernoteMake an Evernote journal entry based on your calendar. Finally, this is a recipe I made to automatically save events marked with #diary in your Google Calendar to Evernote, as a kind of automatic journal. It adds the events to one constantly updated note, rather than hundreds of separate notes — handy for reviewing all the milestones in your life.

Got any good IFTTT recipes to share?

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