Five Things You Need to See From Macworld

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The Consumer Electronics Show – affectionately referred to as CES – isn’t the only major trade show each year. In fact, far from it. For Apple fans, the highlight of the year is March’s Macworld in San Francisco, and I attended the show last week to see what was new, especially for iOS users. You know, for iPhones and iPads. Here’s the coolest stuff I ran across:

5. Ring. Here’s a gadget that I’ve recently included in our roundup of favorite Kickstarter campaigns. Ring is a piece of wirelessly connected jewelry that you can use to control all sorts of devices and technology around your home using gestures with your hand. It looks like science fiction, but I saw it demonstrated (albeit in prototype form) at the show.

4. HandyPhoto. Photo editing apps for the iPhone and iPad are a dime a dozen. Less, I suppose, if you consider that a lot of them are free. But HandyPhoto blew me away. Here’s a photo editor that has a wealth of professional-caliber editing and retouching tools, including some awesome smart editing features. I love the ability to select an object and move it around in the scene (or transplant it to another photo). You can also “uncrop” a photo – magically extend the background similar to what you can do in the latest Photoshop editions. It’s $3, and worth every penny.

3. Appetites. Speaking of iPad apps, Appetites is a great mash-up of a traditional recipe app and a meal delivery service. Imagine having a digital cookbook on your tablet, but with the ability to select a specific recipe and have the ingredients arrive at your door the next day – that’s Appetites. The app is very cool, with an emphasis on step-by-step videos to explain how to prepare each meal in painstaking detail. And the delivery service is currently operational in a few select cities (like San Francisco and LA). The app is free, which gives you access to a limited number of recipes each month. For unlimited access, you can pay a small subscription (about $2/month).

2. OlloClip 4-in-1 for iPad. You’ve already see the 4-in-1 for the iPhone, and in fact I included it in our holiday gadget guide roundup video. Olloclip is back, having retooled the lens adapter to fit the iPad. Olloclip told me that they decided to do this because iPads are simply being used as cameras more and more often. After all, surely you’ve noticed tourists holding an iPad up in the air to take a picture – or perhaps you’ve done it yourself. Using an iPad as a camera looks a little dumb, and it can be inconsiderate, especially if you’re blocking someone else’s view, so I ask that you use common sense and some judgment before snapping photos with your tablet. But if you are going to do it, at least do it using Ollocip’s superb 4-in-1, which gives you two macros lenses, a wide angle, and a fisheye lens in one compact attachment. It’ll be available in April for $70.

1. FLIR ONE. My favorite gadget of the show was FLIR ONE, a sleeve-style case for the iPhone with an integrated thermal camera. That makes your iPhone a powerful infrared imager, which you can use to see in total darkness. It can see heat sources through walls, be used for personal security, and more. I played with it at the show, and took this photo of the company rep. It will be available later this year for about $350.

Photo credits: Dave Johnson

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