Five Awesome High-Tech Stocking Stuffers for Under $20

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Let me just come right out and say that I’m Jewish, so I’m the last person you might expect to tackle the “stocking stuffer.”

That said, I find it amusing when I read other posts on this subject, especially those that include cameras, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, and other items that either wouldn’t fit in a stocking or defy the very concept.

Indeed, as I understand it, stocking stuffers are meant to be small, inexpensive gifts–fun little items that might get lost under the tree.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of five terrific presents that can not only fit inside an actual stocking, but also cost less than $20 apiece. (In my house, these would appear on maybe the fifth or sixth night of Chanukah.) Take a look:

1. Monoprice Bluetooth Music Receiver

When you add Bluetooth capabilities to your home stereo, car stereo, or speaker dock, you create a Sonos-style wireless music system powered by your smartphone or tablet.

To make that happen, all you need is a Bluetooth receiver, which plugs into any audio device that has a 3.5mm audio-in jack. Monoprice’s receiver is a small black puck that can run for up to 10 hours on its rechargeable battery, which charges via USB. And while similar products typically sell for anywhere from $30-50, this one costs just $19.66.

2. SanDisk Cruzer Fit (32GB)

For anyone who owns a Chromebook or similarly storage-challenged laptop, it’s easy enough to add more storage via inexpensive flash drives. Of course, those drives tend to stick out like sore thumbs.

The SanDusk Cruzer Fit barely sticks out at all. Once inserted into a USB port, it protrudes by just a fraction of an inch, meaning the user can leave it in all the time, even when stowing the laptop in a travel bag.

Though you’d expect to pay a premium for such a diminutive drive, the 32GB Fit currently sells at Amazon for $17.99. And the 16GB version comes in at just $9.99.

3. The Keyprop

If ever a product was designed to fill a stocking, it’s this one. The Keyprop (which I’ve written about before) is a plastic key designed to ride on your keychain. But its “teeth” don’t fit into a lock; rather, they plug into your smartphone’s headphone jack, thus propping your screen at an ideal viewing angle.

In other words, it’s a kickstand that goes where you go, making it perfect for reading e-books over breakfast, watching movies on your plane or train, or even looking at photo slideshows while you work.

The Keyprop comes in a variety of colors and sells for $12.95.

4. Toddy Gear Home Buttons

Where is it written that an iPhone’s Home button must be basic black or boring white? Toddy Gear makes three sets of raised, decorative home-button stickers that can add a bit of colorful flair to any iPhone, iPad, or iPod. (The one exception: the iPhone 5S, which needs its Home button uncovered to allow for fingerprint-scanning.)

Each set comes with seven different stickers and sells for $7.99.

5. GOgroove AudiOHM WD Earbuds

I feel very strongly that everyone needs two good pairs of earbuds: one to keep at home, and one to toss into the glove compartment, the backpack, or even just the coat pocket.

Accessory Genie offers a really good pair that normally sells for $24.99, but if you hurry you can grab them for $15.99 (with free shipping!) by using coupon code Savewd at checkout.

The AudiOHM WD Earbuds have real-wood casing that promises to deliver the same kind of warm, rich audio as wood-cabinet speakers. Plus, they include an inline microphone for hands-free phone calls and three different tips so you get the best sizing for your ears. Even if you miss out on the special pricing, at $24.99 these are worth inclusion on the list.

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