Five Photography Apps I Can’t Live Without

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How to add images and text in a phone app.As much as I love my fancy camera, and encourage the world to Say NO to Auto, I certainly don’t carry around my Digital SLR all the time. What I do carry with me everywhere I go, though, is my smartphone, and I use that device’s camera quite often. I recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5s, and the improvement in picture quality is quite impressive!  These days, I’m pretty much taking pictures on my phone wherever I go. I share many of these photos on my Instagram feed after editing them right on the phone. Here are my favorites:

1. Instaflash ($1.99) This is my favorite photo editing app, hands down. I can brighten images, alter the color temperature and heighten the contrast. I use only the cheaper version, but an upgraded version offers even more capabilities. Below is my before and after, from just lightening the image.

Picture lightening app2. Rhonna Designs ($1.99) This is a fun app that lets you include text, artwork or graphic designs on images.  Here, you can see that I added the car, banner and text all within the app.

How to add images and text in a phone app.

3. PicFrame (.99) I use PicFrame to make collages that I share online. The app offers many different styles ideal for sharing on Instagram.

4. TimerCam (free) I’m often in a situation in which I want to be in the picture with my family, and a selfie-arm-image just won’t cut it. As long as I can prop my phone up against something, I can set this timer app, and it will snap for me in 5, 10 or 15 second increments. [Editor’s note: Of course, iOS 8 now includes a self-timer!]

5. Instasize (free) What I love most about Instasize is that I can take a full-frame shot and make it “square-worthy” to share on Instagram, without losing any of the image. It adds white bars in the space around the image that it fits best.  Below, I added the blue background for emphasis to help you see the white bar at the top and bottom. Instasize adds the background automatically to make the image fit squarely in Instagram. You can also choose one of the many patterns within the app, too.

Making an image square.Check out some of these apps, maybe you will love them, too!

Photo credit: Instaflash, Rhonna Designs, Instasize, Kristen Duke

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