Use Leftover Supplies to Make a DIY Mixed-Media Bracelet

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Finished Mixed Media Bracelet

Ever feel like you’re swimming in leftover supplies? If you’re an avid crafter, you probably know this setup all too well: A couple of stray chains, a scattering of random beads, an awkward segment of fabric. While the original materials have already served their purpose, we just can’t get rid of the leftovers when a project has been completed. They’re still supplies, after all! This is where a mixed-media bracelet comes to the rescue. With just a little elbow grease and experimenting, you can give those leftovers another chance to shine.

Supplies for Mixed Media Bracelet


-Scrap leather or fabric
-Embroidery thread
-Eye pins
-Miscellaneous beads
-Rectangle multi-strand end bar connectors (2)
-Jewelry clasp
-6-8mm jump rings (many!)
-10mm jump rings (2)
-3-in-1 jewelry pliers

The amount of chains, beads and fabric is totally up to you. The point of this project is to use what you have, so it will differ from bracelet to bracelet. It will also depend on the number of strands your connectors allow for.

Tip: Before starting, measure your wrist and deduct the width of your two end bar connectors. This measurement determines how long each strand should be.

Connecting chain with a jump ring

1. For a chain strand: Using a jump ring, connect a long strand of chain to the end bar connector. The length of this chain should be the wrist measurement you obtained earlier.

Beads on a eye pin

2. For a beaded strand: Add several beads of your choice to an eye pin.

Creating a loop with jewelry pliers

3. Using the round nosed tips of the pliers, create a loop.

Eye pins with beads

4. Repeat with multiple groups of beads. Continue until the beaded eye pins are as long as your wrist length, when lined up next to each other. This is a perfect way to use up the leftover beads in your stash.

Connecting beaded eye pins

5. Connect the beaded eye pins.

Connecting beaded eye pins

6. Using the pliers, simply open up a loop and hook it onto another beaded eye pin. Bend the loop closed.

Connecting a beaded eye pin

7. Attach the strand to the end bar connector.

Strip of leather and scissors

8. For fabric strands: Cut a thin strip of material. At one end, cut the fabric at a pointed angle.

Tying leather to a jewelry conector

9. Add it to the end bar connector by tying a tight single knot.

Beads on embroidery thread

10. For embroidery thread strands: Cut a long length of thread. Add a few beads, if you’d like.

Thread tied to a connector

11. Add it to the end bar connector by tying a tight double knot.

Miscellaneous beaded eye pins

12. For mixed strands: Create a couple of beaded eye pins, just like you did in Step 2. Don’t be afraid to mix the random loner beads together for an interesting look.

Chains and beaded eye pins

13. Alternate the beaded eye pins with shorter strands of chain.

Chain added to jewelry connector

14. Using a jump ring, add the mixed strand to the end bar connector.

Jewelry clasps at the end of a bracelet

15. Attach the jewelry clasp components to the end bar connectors using the larger jump rings.

Finished Mixed Media Bracelet

You can create a bracelet featuring any combination of strands. Maybe your bracelet will have an equal mix of beaded strands and chain. Or perhaps it will be made entirely of leather strips, with a beaded strand as an accent. It’s totally up to you and what you have in your stash. Each bracelet will be 100 percent unique!

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez

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