Stay Warm with a DIY Jeweled Fleece Head Wrap

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Finished Jeweled Fleece Head Wrap

This winter, protect yourself from the cold in the most stylish way. It might be a dreary day, but that doesn’t mean your accessories must follow suit. With some basic stitching and just a few supplies, you can whip up an eye-catching fleece headband to keep your ears warm. This type of material is amazing for the colder weather – we know you’ll love it!

Supplies for Jeweled Fleece Headband


– Fleece
– Fabric scissors
– Sewing needle & thread
– Jeweled brooch
– Straight pins
– Ruler
– Sewing machine

Cutting fleece with fabric scissors

1. Cut 2 segments of fleece measuring 2.5 x 22 inches each.

Overlap fleece segments

2. Lay one segment horizontally on your work surface with the other vertically on top of it.

Overlapping fleece segments

3. Take the left side of the horizontal strip and fold it over the other, so that the ends of the horizontal strip meet on the right side.

Overlapping fleece segments

4. Bring the ends of the vertical strip together so the two strips interlock.

Join ends of fleece together to form headband

5. Bring the ends of both strips together so that all four layers (two from each side) meet.

Straight pins and layers of fleece

6. Pin the four layers in place.

Sewing layers of fleece together

7. Carefully sew through all 4 layers.

Trimming the edge of fleeece

8. Tie a double knot and cut away the excess thread. If necessary, trim the edges of the fleece to straighten them out.

Hand-stitching fleece to secure

9. Add a few hand stitches to keep the fleece in place. I added a few stitches near the center where the fleece interlocked, in order to keep the fleece strips from shifting.

Glue jewel embellishment to fleece headband

10. Pin the brooch to the center of the head wrap where the two strips interlock. If you’d like, glue the brooch in place to secure it. This is ideal if you are not planning to re-use the brooch.

Finished Jeweled Fleece Head Wrap

Once the glue has dried, your headband is ready to wear!

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez (Step-by-Step Tutorial) & Haruka Sakaguchi of The Denizen Co. (Street Style)

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