Make Your Own Beaded Strappy Sandals With This Easy Embellishing Technique

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DIY Beaded Strappy Sandals

No summer wardrobe is complete without a pair of embellished sandals. Instead of buying a pair, why not try making your own? It may take some time, but the customization aspect is well worth it. No one will ever believe that you made them yourself! Using glue and wire, you can add delicate rows of beads to a basic pair of strappy sandals.

Supplies for the Beaded Strappy Sandals DIY


– Non-embellished strappy sandals
– Scissors
– Thin wire (I used 24 gauge)
– Seed beads in assorted colors
– Strong craft glue (Such as E6000)
– Toothpicks

Closeup of seed beads used for the Beaded Strappy Sandals

Seed beads are tiny beads that are typically made of glass. 24 gauge wire is thin enough for most seed beads to slide on and off with ease.

Industrial strength craft glue on sandal strap

1. Using the toothpick, add a small amount of glue across the first strap.

Wire acts as a guide for adding beads to strappy sandals

2. Add enough seed beads to fill the width of the strap. This will differ depending on the thickness of each strap and the size of your beads. I used 6 beads for each row.

Add rows of beads using craft glue and wire

3. Lay the row of beads directly onto the glue, and wait a few seconds. Carefully slide the wire out, holding the beads in place with your other hand if needed. Add another row right under the first and continue adding beads in the same manner.

Wire keeps the beads in place as the glue dries

4. Continue along the strap, changing colors as desired. Above, I added a row of green after two rows of blue.

Create eye-catching designs with colorful glass beads

5. As you move along the strap, you can bring in different colors in different quantities. This will create a pattern as everything comes together. Feel free to follow the pattern I created by simply counting the amount of specific colored beads in each row.

Use multiple wires to make the process quicker

6. The increase and decrease of gold beads created a diamond shape. I followed the diamond with another row of blue, followed by another row of green to complete the pattern. Here’s a tip: Use more than one strand of wire and beads to work at a quicker, more efficient pace.

Beaded designs will add a summertime vibe to sandals

7. Once your pattern is complete, let the beads dry completely.

Rows of beads can embellish even the plainest of sandals

8. Repeat the process on additional straps; you can change up the pattern if you’d like. I decided to create simple stripes on the top straps.

Repeat on the other side, and again on both sides of the second sandal. You will essentially create a total of 4 sets of beaded patterns.

Clear nail polish is ideal for holding embellishments in place

9. Once all of the beaded patterns have dried in place, feel free to add a clear coat of clear nail polish. This will further secure and protect the beads.

DIY Beaded Strappy Sandals

While the technique is fairly simple, this project is admittedly tedious and takes some time. However, the outcome is totally worth it! Try different color combinations, or maybe even different types of beads, to create a look that suits your style and taste.

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez

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