Make a Pair of Sparkling Glitter Druzy Earrings

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Finished Glitter Druzy Earrings

Whether you’re a DIY maven or a design-obsessed fashionista, there’s a good chance that you’ve spotted the druzy trend. Never heard of the term before? Druzy refers to the glittering layer of tiny crystals on a rock or stone. Luckily, you don’t have to be a geologist to discover the sparkle. Mix up some glitter, add a little decoupage, and follow this tutorial for a pair of faux druzy earrings.

Supplies for DIY Glitter Druzy Earrings


– Scrap paper or cardboard
– Decoupage*
– Paintbrush
– Pair of earring hooks
– Beveled charm settings (2)
– Extra-fine glitter
– Glass glitter
– Bottle cap
– Toothpicks (at least 2)
– 3-in-1 jewelry pliers

*Decoupage is available in many finishes. Matte and glossy decoupages are the most common, but you can use a glitter finish if you want an extra dose of sparkle! I decided to use glitter decoupage.

Mix glitter in bottle cap

1. Cover your work surface with scrap paper or cardboard. Pour both glitters into the bottle cap, to about halfway full.

The ratio of glass glitter to extra-fine glitter is up to you, depending on the look you want. Extra glass glitter creates a more jagged surface, while additional extra-fine glitter results in a flatter surface. For reference, I used a 1:2 ratio of glass to extra-fine for my earrings.

Mix glitter in bottle cap with toothpick

2. Using a toothpick, mix the glitters together. Set aside.

Add decoupage to charm settings

3. Using another toothpick, apply a small amount of decoupage directly to the charm settings.

Add decoupage to charm settings

4. Continue until you fill the entire setting.

Press down glitter to secure

5. Pour the bottle cap of glitter onto the settings. Do this carefully – it’s a messy step! Firmly press the glitter with your finger.

Shake off extra glitter

6. Pick up the setting and turn it upside down, shaking off the extra glitter.

Close up of glitter in decoupage

7. The glitter that stayed in the decoupage will look something like this.

Add decoupage on top of glitter to secure

8. Using the paintbrush, add another thin layer of decoupage to seal the deal. If you’d like, sprinkle additional glitter onto the top for added dimension.

Dried glitter in charm settings

9. Let the charms dry completely.

Note: Because I used glitter decoupage, there’s a slightly pale wash of extra glitter over the blue. If I had used matte or glossy decoupage, the blue would have been more vibrant. This is all up to your preference!

Add earring hooks to charms with pliers

10. Attach the earring hooks, and you’re done!


You can use the same technique to make a stud version. With the setting upside down, you can attach chains or charms to dangle from the stud earring.

Supplies for Glitter Druzy Stud Earrings

Additional Supplies:

– Strong craft or jewelry glue
– Pair of earring posts
– 4mm jump rings (2)
– Scraps of thin chain (8)

Dried glitter in charm settings

1. Follow Steps 1-9 from the previous tutorial. For this version, I used glass glitters in copper and gold for a more jagged surface.

Strands of scrap chain

2. Using the cutting portion of the pliers, trim the chains to your desired length. I cut mine to roughly 3/4 inch.

Scrap chain on jump ring

3. Attach them to a jump ring.

Strand of chain attached to charm

4. Attach the jump ring to the loop of the charm setting.

Earring post glued to charm

5. Glue an earring post to the back of the charm setting.

Finished Glitter Druzy Stud Earrings

6. Repeat for the second earring, and let them dry overnight.


The color combinations are practically endless, thanks to the wide variety of glitters available at the craft store. Try pastels for a feminine vibe, neons for a pop of color, or jewel tones for an edgy touch!

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez (Step-by-Step Tutorial) & Haruka Sakaguchi of The Denizen Co. (Street Style)

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