How to Make a Braided Chain Headband

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Finished Braided Chain Headband

Adding a little bling to your New Year’s Eve ensemble doesn’t require glitter and rhinestones. If a minimalist approach is more your style, try using chain to add a festive touch to your look. The mixture of different metal finishes in this headband DIY creates an interesting visual without being too loud. Pair it with a classy LBD or a party dress in any color you like. After the holidays are over, you can wear the headband for the rest of the year.

Supplies for Braided Chain Headband


– 11.5-inch chain (3 strands in different finishes)
– 12mm jump rings (2)
– Craft scissors
– 3-in-1 pliers
– Hot glue gun
– 3/8 inch-wide ribbon (at least 4 inches long)
– 3/8 sewing elastic (at least 15 inches long)

The specified chain length and elastic measurements yield a 23-inch completed headband. To make it smaller or larger, adjust your chain and sewing elastic accordingly.

Strands on chain attached to jump ring

1. Attach all three strands of chain to one jump ring.

Hot glue gun on ribbon

2. Cut a piece of ribbon measuring 1.5 inches long. Add a dot of hot glue to the center.

Gluing ribbon around chain keeps it in place

3. Place the strands of chain directly onto the glue, side by side.

The next two steps must be done quickly, so make sure you’re ready!

Gluing ribbon around chain keeps it in place

4. Put a dot of glue on top of the chains, and press one side of the ribbon onto it.

Gluing ribbon around chain keeps it in place

5. Add a dot of glue to the loose edge of the ribbon and fold it over the other side. Press gently to adhere it.

Braiding chain

6. Braid the strands of chain.

Tip: Tape the jump ring/ribbon portion to the edge of a table before you start braiding. This gives you an “extra” hand and makes it easier to maneuver.

Braided chain completed

7. Continue braiding until you reach the end.

Jump ring attached to chains

8. Trim the chain ends if necessary to even them out. Attach all three chains to another jump ring.

Gluing ribbon around chain keeps it in place

9. Repeat Steps 2 through 5 to secure the other end of the chains with ribbon.

Preparing elastic for headband

10. Trim the end of the sewing elastic at a sharp angle.

Elastic through jump ring

11. Slide it through the jump ring on one end so that about an inch extends through the ring.

Hot gluing elastic around jump ring

12. Put a dot of glue on the elastic band right below the jump ring.

Finished Braided Chain Headband

13. Fold the tip over to secure it. Repeat on the opposite side.

Finished Braided Chain Headband

If you aren’t a fan of the mixed metal combination, feel free to stick to one finish such as silver or copper. The key to making this headband work is using chains of similar width and style. You can even get super creative with it and add a strand of thread, ribbon or fabric into the mix!

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez (Step-by-Step Tutorial) & Haruka Sakaguchi of The Denizen Co. (Street Style)

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