Fancy Feet: Dress Up Your Shoes with Reusable Shoe Clips

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Reusable shoe clips used to personalize a plain pair of flats

Now that it’s warm enough to break out those flats, why not make them work with every one of your outfits? With this DIY, you can create a pair of baubles that can be clipped on to the front of your shoes. The most awesome aspect is that they are temporary and totally interchangeable. When you feel like switching things up, just simply remove the shoe clip and bring in a new one. It’s like a new pair of flats each time!

This tutorial shows you how to create a pair of shoe clips using buttons, but you can also substitute the project with a pair of stud earrings. I also thought it’d be fun to show an additional version using dangling earrings; you can even take it a step further and use any pendants or miscellaneous jewelry components that you have laying around. Get creative!

Supplies needed for two versions of reusable shoe clips


– Button shank remover
– Strong craft/jewelry glue
– Rhinestone shank buttons (2)
– Blank metal shoe clips (2) *

Supplies for Version #2:

– Pair of vintage dangling earrings
– Blank metal shoe clips (2) *

* Blank metal shoe clips can be purchased from Amazon, Etsy, and select craft supply stores.

The back of a shank button features a loop that can be removed

Note: A shank button is a type of button that has a loop on the back. This loop allows you to sew the button to fabric. A button shank remover, which can be found in the button section of craft stores, is a special tool designed to remove the loop with ease.

A special tool can be used to remove the loop from a shank button

1. Using the shank remover, remove the loop from the back of the button. You should be left with a fairly flat surface to work with.

Practically anything can be made into a stylish reusable shoe clip

2. Glue the flat portion of a blank metal shoe clip to the back. Let dry completely. Repeat with the second button.

Version #2:

Components of old vintage earrings can be re-purposed for projects

1. Take apart the vintage earring by removing any hooks and jump rings.

Components of vintage earrings can be easily re-purposed

2. Using the pliers, snap off any hoops from the earring components. This will differ depending on the kind of earrings you find; simply ensure that there are no hoops visible and that each component can lay flat.

Components of vintage earrings can be re-purposed to make shoe clips

3. Glue the components together to create one large piece. Again, make sure that there is a flat surface for the blank shoe clip.

Glue the new singular piece to a shoe clip. Repeat once more to create the second.

Reusable shoe clips used to personalize a plain pair of flats

Clip them onto the front of your favorite pair of flats. They should sit comfortably, without bothering your feet. Test them out with pointed skimmers, ballet flats, loafers, maybe even flip flops…whatever fits your fancy. I like to think of them as jewelry for your feet.

DIY shoe clips can add some jeweled flair to your favorite flats

Don’t forget to experiment and try out new combinations. In the second photo, I switched around the shoe clips. And just like that, it’s like I have an entirely new pair of flats. So easy, and so fun for adding a little extra flair to your overall look.

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez

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