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Transform your shoes with a simple DIY project — using a thick gold chain, you can quickly create statement stilettos or update a pair of boots.

You need:

-Gold chain
-4 large gold jump rings
-2 large gold lobster clasps
-1 pair of stiletto heels or boots

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Step 1: Measure two lengths of chain approximately 22 inches, or 55 centimeters, long.

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Step 2: Attach a large jump ring onto one end of one chain.

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Step 3: Attach a large jump ring and lobster clasp onto the other end.

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Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other chain.

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Step 5: Put on your shoes. Dangle one chain in front of one foot, stretching it between your hands.

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Step 6: Step onto the chain, positioning it underneath your arch.

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Step 7: Cross the chain over the front of your ankle.

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Step 8: Wrap the ends to the back and clip the lobster clasp onto the jump ring.

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Step 9: Repeat on the other side and voila! You’re done. Make any necessary adjustments for size by removing the jump ring and cutting off the excess chain, or positioning the jump ring a few links in to leave a dangling tail.

Chained Heels  1 (1)

Photo credits: Geneva Vanderzeil

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