DIY Pearl Teardrop Earrings

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With the holidays right around the corner, we’ll all have an excuse to dress up and get fancy. This year, try your hand at some simple yet elegant teardrop earrings made out of pearls. While the rhinestone charms are completely optional, they’re perfect for adding that extra sparkle. Of course, you can wear these earrings well after the holidays. This post comes with a bonus mini tutorial for a necklace version, too!

Supplies for Pearl Teardrop Earrings


– Measuring tape
– Earrings hooks (2)
– 6mm jump rings (2)
– 4mm jump rings (2)
– Small rhinestone charms (2)
– 3-in-1 jewelry pliers
– Small pearl beads
– Jewelry wire (24 gauge, or thin enough for pearl beads)

Wire loop formed with pliers

1. Using the cutting portion of the pliers, measure and trim a 6-inch strand of wire. Form a loop at one end, using the round-nosed tips.

Strand of pearls on wire

2. Add beads until you have reached at least 2.75 inches worth of pearls. The more beads you add, the bigger your teardrop will be.

Wire trimmed with jewelry pliers

3. Trim the end, leaving about 1/4 inch of wire.

Wire loop formed with pliers

4. Create another loop with the round-nosed tips of the pliers.

Jump ring opened with jewelry ploers

5. Open a 4mm jump ring by separating the ends.

Rhinestone charm added to handmade pearl pendant

6. Add the rhinestone charm and attach the small jump ring to the center of the 6mm jump ring.

Earring hook added to pearl pendant

7. Add an earring hook to the top of the 6mm jump ring.


Repeat Steps 1-7 to create the second earring.

For a spin on the original project, try making a necklace version. This is great if you’re not into dangling earrings, or if you’re looking for something dainty yet chic.

Supplies (Necklace):

– Chain (20-28 inches)
– 4mm jump ring (1)
– 6mm jump rings (3)
– Rhinestone charm
– 3-in-1 jewelry pliers
– Small pearl beads
– Jewelry wire (24 Gauge)

Jump ring added to pearl pendant

1. To create a necklace, make one pendant by following Steps 1-6 from the previous tutorial. You can simply use more beads to make a larger pendant.

Chain added to pearl pendant

2. Attach another 6mm jump ring in place of an earring hook. String the chain through the jump ring.

Chain connected at ends with jump ring

3. Connect the ends of the chain with another 6mm jump ring. You’re done!

Completed DIY Pearl Teardrop jewelry set

These projects are so quick and easy, you might as well make a few sets for your friends and family too.

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez

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