DIY Mixed Media Tassel Necklace

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DIY Mixed Media Tassel Necklace

As a veteran crafter, I’ve always felt like jewelry allows you to go crazy and have the most fun. You can use multiple elements and materials and still create something that is totally wearable. This particular tutorial features a major statement necklace that’s sure to add a twist to even your most basic ensembles. The mix of textures will create an eye-catching look that is anything but boring!

Supplies for the Mixed Media Tassel Necklace DIY

Supplies for the Mixed Media Tassel Necklace DIY


– 3-in-1 Pliers
– Cotton twine (or something similar)
– Jewelry wire (24 Gauge)
– Thick curb chain (12 inches/30.48 centimeters)
– Beads (various shapes/sizes/types – 3 kinds)
– Embroidery thread (1-2 colors)
– Crimp beads
– Large jewelry clasp
– Large 10 or 12mm jump rings (4)
–  8mm jump rings (4)
– Scissors
– Clear nail polish

You’ll also need a small square of scrap cardboard — about 2 inches (5.08 centimeters) should do the trick!

Hardware pliers are ideal for chunky chain

1. Separate the chain into two strands, each measuring 6 inches (15.24 centimeters). For heavy, chunky curb chain, you’ll probably have to use pliers from the hardware store to separate the links with ease.

Crimp bead on wire

2. Cut a 12 inch (30.48 centimeter) long strand of wire. String on a crimp bead. Crimp beads are tiny metal tubes that can be flattened to hold wires in place.

A flattened crimp bead hold the jump ring in place

3. Insert the end of the wire through the jump ring, then back into the crimp bead. With the crimp bead fairly close to the jump ring, flatten the crimp bead with the flat portion of the pliers. This will hold the wire in place.

Tip: Double check that the jump ring is securely and tightly closed shut. Otherwise, the wire loop may slip through the opening!

Stone beads add a natural element to jewelry

4. String the first set of beads onto the wire strand, until you reach about 6 inches (15.24 centimeters).

Crimp beads will hold jump rings and wire in place

5. At the opposite end, add a crimp bead and a jump ring.

A flattened crimp bead holds beads and a jump ring in place

6. Fold the wire around the jump ring and back into the crimp bead and through the first 1-3 beads. Trim the excess wire.

Mix and match different beads for depth and dimension

7. Repeat Steps 2-6 with the next two sets of beads.

Cotton twine added to strands of stone and metal beads

8. At one end, tie a strand of cotton twine. Repeat at the other end and trim any excess twine.

Use clear nail polish to keep knots secure

9. Add a dot of clear nail polish to each of the knots in the cotton twine to further secure. Let dry.

Tassels are easy to make with some cardboard and thread

10. To make the tassels, wrap embroidery thread around the scrap cardboard. Do this 10-15 times depending how full you’d like each tassel to be.

Handmade tassels created using embroidery thread

11. Slip off the bundle of embroidery thread. Place on top of a separate strand of thread.

Handmade tassels created using embroidery thread

12. Tightly tie around the top of the bundle; I’d recommend a double knot. Cut away the excess.

Handmade tassels created using embroidery thread

13. Using the scissors, cut the bottom of the bundle to create an instant tassel. Use the pliers to add an 8mm jump ring through the top loop in the tassel.

Handmade tassels created using embroidery thread

14. Repeat to create three more tassels. I purposely chose colors that would pop against the beads.

Different materials combined to create an interesting necklace

15. Choose a strand and attach the tassels. You can trim the tassels to be as short as you’d like.

Closeup of jewelry clasp and jump ring

16. At opposite ends of the curb chain, add a large jump ring and a jewelry clasp to finish of the necklace.

DIY Mixed Media Tassel Necklace

With such a wide variety of beads available, I’m confident that you’ll find something that fits your taste and style. For example, faceted crystal beads can create a glamorous look, while seed beads are great for toning it down and keeping things simple.

Embroidery thread is available in a rainbow of shades, giving you another chance at prime customization. And if tassels aren’t your thing? You can replace them with charms or pendants. This necklace project is so dynamic that your options are virtually endless!

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez

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