DIY: Fabric Wrapped and Beaded Bangle

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Sometimes, the simplest ideas produce the most striking results. This fabric wrapped and beaded bangle might look complicated, but it’s actually easy enough for even the most novice crafter. All it takes is some hot glue and simple stitching, and you have yourself a beautiful, textured piece of jewelry. This project is also a great way to use up those fabric scraps and leftover beads!


– Wide plastic, wood or metal bangle
– Fabric scissors
– Fabric remnant (cotton, jersey, etc.)
– Hot glue gun
– Hand sewing needle and thread *
– Seed beads

* Make sure that your needle is thin enough to pass through the beads.

1. Cut the fabric into strips measuring about 1.5 inches (3.81 centimeters) wide.

2. Hot glue one strip to the inside of the bangle.

3. Wrap the fabric around the bangle, securing with hot glue every now and then. Bring in additional fabric strips as needed.

4. When the bracelet is completely wrapped, cut away the excess and hot glue the end in place.

5. Insert a strand of thread (at least 20 inches/50.8 centimeters) through the needle. Let the needle fall to the center and tie a double knot.

6. Along the edge of the bracelet, thread the needle through the fabric.

7. Add beads.

8. Continue until you have reached the width of the bangle. Insert the needle through the fabric to complete one beaded row.

9. To start the next row, insert the needle back and up through the fabric.

10. Pull the needle through to start the next row. Add beads, just as you did in Step 7.

11. Once the beaded row is finished, insert back and out through the edge. Tie off the thread and cut away the excess.

12. Re-thread the needle, and insert through the fabric where you left off.

13. Continue in the same manner. To create a “gradient,” end and begin subsequent rows slightly above the previous row.

14. The “gradient” will eventually emerge.

15. Repeat several times around the bangle, alternating the side that you begin each gradient.

Tip: Add a dot of clear nail polish to the knotted threads to secure each beaded row!

For the ultimate statement piece, choose beads that contrast with your fabric. I love the way the gold metallic pops against the standard black and white print. Creating such a combination will add depth and dimension in the most vibrant way.

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