Basic Reconstruction: DIY Chain Strap Tank Top

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Finished Chain Strap Tank Top

Summertime is the prime time for tank tops, so why not add a little edge to this warm weather staple? Simply replacing fabric straps with chain can easily bring new life to an otherwise basic garment. This DIY is so simple that there is a good chance you already have the supplies for this project lying around!

Supplies for the Chain Strap Tank Top DIY


– Tank top
– 3-in-1 jewelry pliers
– Scissors
– Thread
– Chain

Straps of tank top cut off

1. On both the front and back, cut off the entire strap at the point where it meets the rest of the tank top.

Trimming chain with jewelry pliers and scissors

2. Lay the strap on a flat surface. Trim the chain so that when it’s folded in half, it measures about the same length as the strap you just cut off. I wanted my new chain straps to be a little shorter than the original, so I trimmed accordingly.

Repeat once more for a total of two strands of chain.

Sewing needle and thread

3. Thread a sewing needle and tie a triple knot. Thread through the tank top, right where you cut off the strap.

Needle and thread used to attach chain to fabric

4. Insert the thread through both ends of one strand of chain.

Needle and thread used to attach chain to fabric

5. Insert the needle back through the tank top.

Chain straps attached to tank top

6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 several times to secure the chain to the tank top. Tie a double knot and trim away the excess.

Jewelry pliers cutting chain in half

7. At the other end, use the cutting portion of the pliers to cut the chain. This will be done at the point where the chain was “folded” in half.

Before doing so, ensure that there is an equal amount of chain on both sides.

Chain strap attached to tank top

8. Repeat Steps 3-6 to secure the other end of the chain to the tank top. Repeat all of the steps to complete the other side.

Finished Chain Strap Tank Top

This reconstruction is very basic, but can add some serious oomph to your plain jane tank tops. The chain almost doubles as built-in jewelry, allowing you to forgo any additional baubles that you may usually wear. This is ideal for those days you’re feeling like a minimalist. Happy crafting!

Photo credits: Kirsten Nunez

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