3 Headband Styles to Try This Summer (and the Hairstyles to Wear with Them)

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3 Headband Styles to Try This Summer: Turban Headband with Loose Waves

Headbands range in style, color, material, and width — there is something for everyone. Whether you are always in workout wear or have your hair curled on the regular, there are so many fun options to play around with! Here are three headband styles to try this summer and the hairstyles to go with them.

Scarf wrap headband

Scarf Wrap Headbands: These can be worn with your hair down, woven into a braid or tied around a pony! (I found this one at Anthropologie.)

Tie the scarf at the base of your neck underneath your hair

Tie the ends of the headband behind the back of your neck tightly to secure in place.

Pull the ends of your hair and the scarf through an elastic hairband

Wrap a ponytail holder around the tied scarf and your hair.

Wear a scarf wrap headband with a low side ponytail

Pull the pony slightly to the side and you’re done!

Wear a turban headband with loose waves

Turban Headbands: Add some loose waves to your hair (see this loose waves tutorial in the first step of this post), and place your turban headband around the top of your forehead and around the back of your head over your hair! (If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own turban headband.)

Place the elastic-back headband around the crown of your head

Elastic-Back Headbands: These can actually make a beautiful formal hairstyle, especially if you find one in silver or gold (I purchased this chain maille inspired headband at Anthropologie). Place the headband around the crown of your head.

Fold your hair in half

Fold your hair in half with the ends pointed toward the ceiling.

Twist your hair up and into the elastic base of the headband

Repeat and continue to fold and twist your hair up OVER the base of the headband. Keep the sides of your hair toward the center and twist your hair up tightly.

Pin the twist in place with bobby pins

Secure with bobby pins. Be sure to add them inside and under the twist until all sections are in place.

3 Headband Styles to Try This Summer: Crown Wrap Headband

Give one a try and find your best fit this summer! Let us know how it goes!

Photo credits: Gabriel Liesemeyer

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