Which City Has the Most Billionaires?

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You’d be surprised which two cities battle year after year for the title of most billionaires in the world.

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New York loves rich people, and rich people love it right back.

You’d be surprised which two cities battle year after year for the title of most billionaires in the world. The current champion is New York, with nearly 60 super extra-disgustingly rich people and counting. (I’m lookin’ at you Jay-Z.*)

NYC’s richest resident is the manufacturing/energy tycoon David Koch, with a worth valued at around $21.5 billion, but dozens more have breached the nine-zero barrier. Meaning that: (1) opportunities in the Big Apple abound for bright people with big ideas and loads of potential and (2) Wall Street has bamboozled the pants off of us. Literally. (My legs are cold.)

But what top-ranked New York boasts in billionaire fashion icons (Ralph Lauren), media moguls (Rupert Murdoch) and wealthy mayors (Michael Bloomberg), our number-two billionairest city complements with post-communist mafiosos and carpetbagging opportunists.

Maybe that’s a harsh critique of Moscow. Or maybe Moscow’s richest man in 2004, oil magnate Mikhail Khodorkovsky, was jailed nine years for fraud. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

In any case, NYC and Moscow (with 50 or so billionaires of its own) routinely flip-flop in the world rankings, due to largely to Muscovites’ innovation and foresight, with a sprinkling of fraud and nice side helping of shady dealing.

Come to think of it, it’s not all that surprising that the home of Wall Street is at the top of that list.

*Jay-Z is it not a billionaire just yet, but he’s about five rhymes away.

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-Justin Sanders, Serious Coin contributor

Photo credit: Peter Adams/The Image Bank/Getty Images

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