Paying for that Logo Is a Good Deal for Your Self-Esteem

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An investment in an overpriced brand is an investment in yourself. It’s just science.

Want to feel better about yourself? Go buy something. But not just anything. It has to have a big, fancy logo on it. Otherwise you’ll feel worse.

Why? A new study found that people who buy generic products may save money, but pay for it in self-esteem.

The subjects of the study were divided in two groups-those who were given brand-name computers to complete self-evaluation surveys and those who were given comparable but no-name computers.

Both groups were asked to estimate their monthly earning potential. Across the board, the people with the fancy computers gave themselves beefier earnings estimates, while the suckers with generic computers got all “we’re not worthy” and guessed they would earn less.

A second experiment showed that something as minor as the brand of battery you use to power your cell phone can affect how attractive you feel-and how sexy or un-sexy you think people find you. Name-brand battery: You = Brad Pitt. Generic battery: You = Steve Buscemi.

To recap:
Coke, yes. Shasta, no.
MacGyver, yes. MacGruber, no.
TOMS, yes. BOBS, no. Oh, no.

How Do We Know All This? Cuz we’re brilliant. Also:
Bargain-shoppers beware. “Even incidentally used cheaper, generic products have the ironic consequence of harming one’s self-image via a sense of worthlessness,” the study’s authors said.
Self-esteem is a big deal. This study found that young people crave self-esteem more than sexy times.
Bargain shoppers may feel bad, but their cereal is healthier than your Rice Krispies.
Your stuff basically defines (and reflects) who you are. Apparently this was news in 1988.

-Erin Barajas, Serious Coin contributor

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