Eat More for Your Money on Mondays

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Eat out much? Then you know how all those little outings can add up to a big dent in your wallet. And for the frugalistas who don’t dine out on the town…don’t you kinda wish you did?

So. What’s a fiscally responsible foodie to do?

Wine and Dine: Finding cheap eats.

Eating less is not an option.

Well, you could try to order from the kids’ menu and mix your own vodka tonics from a flask. But there’s another option that won’t get you kicked out of the restaurant: Dine out on a Monday.

“Though it may differ depending on the market, generally Mondays are the harder nights to build volume and therefore operators target them with specials and offers to get guests through the doors,” says Sims Foster, the VP of Restaurants and Bars for the Denihan Hospitality Group in New York.

Jeff Garner, a server at Beverly Hills boutique hotel SLS, adds, “On Mondays, the kitchen often has a surplus of food they ordered from the weekend. It’s still fresh, but they have to sell it soon, otherwise it’ll get tossed. So they’ll create a lot of specials on Mondays.”

Moral of the story? If you want to save money eating out, it’s all about basic supply and demand. Eat out when there’s lower demand and higher supply.

We’ll be here next time you have a question, Bernanke.

What else? We’ve got you covered in the cheap eats department:

Try prix fixe! It means “affordable” and “yummy” in French. More or less.
Tuesdays are also a good bet for families.

—Rachel Khona, Serious Coin Contributor

Photo credit: Ikon Images/Neil Webb
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