6 Easy Ways Couples Can Save Green by Going Green for Earth Day

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Being in a relationship is awesome. It’s much easier to justify Friday night Netflix binges when you’ve got another human being on the couch with you. It also means you have someone with whom to celebrate important events like Valentine’s Day, National Beer Day, and the season four premier of Game of Thrones.

In anticipation of Earth Day, here are six ways couples can be cute together whilst saving the planet. And what do you know? They save money, too.

1) Shower together. And I mean actually shower, because the longer you’re in there, the more water you waste and that kind of defeats the purpose. Assuming this cuts your combined showering time in half, the average couple could save $12 on water and as much as $87 in water heating costs annually. That’s at least one candlelit dinner at a restaurant fancy enough to make you think he’s going to propose.

2) Ditch the pjs. You can save as much 1% on your energy costs for each degree you raise the thermostat, so lose that extra fabric and open a window when things get hot.

3) Turn the lights down low. Unless you are that one doomed couple in every horror movie, darkness is intimate and cozy. It’s also free, which is pretty great when you realize that artificial lighting is responsible for about 15% of your electricity bill. If you still use standard light bulbs, turn them off whenever they aren’t in use. If you and your sweetheart have transitioned to energy-efficient CFL bulbs (adorbs!), turn them off whenever you will be out of the room for more than 15 minutes. Or better yet, forgo all the lights and bask in the ethereal glow of a few vanilla-scented candles.

4) Run errands together. Love can make even the most mundane activities seem thrilling (for at least the first three months). Carpooling on your errand runs can be a romantic way to cut down on fuel costs and carbon emissions. According to The Rideshare Company, cutting just 25 miles out of your total driving distance each week could save our planet 1,500 lbs. of carbon dioxide. Carpooling is also an eco-friendly way to minimize your time apart, which is great for both new couples in the honeymoon phase and jealous couples who suspect each other of infidelity.

5) Take long walks together. According to personal ad clichés, long walks are just dreamy. Besides, if all you’re doing is holding hands in the car and Eskimo kissing at stop lights on the way to the movie theater, you’ll never be able to properly show off your smug relationship glow.

6) Cook together. Homemade dinner dates are fantastic. It’s all the romance of a dinner date without having to leave the house or change out of your yoga pants. Plus, you save money even if you spring for the pricier grass fed beef, free range chicken and farmer’s market produce. For maximum impact, buy local seasonal ingredients, which cost you and Mother Earth far less than produce shipped halfway across the world. Better yet, grow your own produce. Once you’ve got your hands dirty, you can head back to the shower. Together. You know, for the environment.

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