5 Fun Facts About Valentine’s Day Spending

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This Friday is Valentine’s Day. And while I am binging on House of Cards and chocolate covered caramels with my dog, many of you will be celebrating with your significant other, possibly spending quite a bit in the process.

Before you head to the ATM and get your budgets in order, you might be interested in knowing some fun facts about America’s spending patterns on Valentine’s Day. These might help you avoid overspending. Probably not though, given that we all do silly things for love. Either way, they make for great dinner conversation.

1) Restaurants mark up their prices 69%, capitalizing on public pressure to wine and dine your special someone on Valentine’s Day. That’s just mean when you think about it. Can you imagine if gas stations marked up their prices 69% the day before Thanksgiving knowing that people feel obligated to drive to see their loved ones?

2) The average person will spend $15.21 on greeting cards. This means that for every person spending $5 on greeting cards, there is someone else spending $25. I once spent $10 on a card for my cousin’s wedding and it was covered in glitter, rhinestones and intricate paper appliques. That was easily the most expensive and beautiful card I’ve bought. It kind of makes you wonder what a $25 greeting card looks like. And more importantly, who is spending $25 on greeting cards? Or are they buying Valentine cards for multiple people? Scandalous!

3) People age 25-34 spend the most on Valentine’s Day. After age 34, people spend increasingly less on Valentine’s Day. I don’t have the science to back it up, but I have a feeling that when you hit 35, you start having a more practical sense of your priorities. Lavish gifts and formal dinners give way to cost-effective home-cooked meals and wildflower bouquets. But really, what’s a more telling sign of everlasting love and commitment – a five course meal (marked up 69%!) or paying your mortgage together?

4) Last year, 14 million couples said they expected a marital proposal on Valentine’s Day. If 14 million couples actually got engaged last Valentine’s Day, the media and our Facebook feeds would be inundated with the news. But seeing as that was not the case, I would love to know how many million couples ended their special day with just a hint of disappointment.

5) Men spend nearly twice as much as women. This isn’t a shocking fact by any means. But it does make me happy.

You can find even more fun facts in our infographic below. And if they influence you to save a little this Friday, check out some of eHow’s budget-friendly DIY projects for sweet treats, flower arrangements and great gifts for your man!

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