When Being Older Rules: 7 Obvious Ways Grandparents are Different from Parents

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National Grandparents’ Day was this past Sunday and, hopefully, you highlighted it on your calendar with a big ol’ “DON’T FORGET!” (That is, if the grandparents hadn’t already done that for you.)

As I oversaw assembly of my kids’ celebratory macaroni art cards (yes, Grandpa, those extra-big pieces of pasta are supposed to be your ears — sorry!), I couldn’t help but reflect on what makes grandparents so special… as well as so very different from us parents.  To wit:

7 Differences Between Parents and Grandparents

7. PARENT: Doesn’t understand why child is throwing a tantrum.
GRANDPARENT:  Doesn’t understand what YOU did to make precious grandchild throw a tantrum.

6. PARENT: Insists on using sterilized, organic teething toys.
GRANDPARENT: Remembers a time when teething kids gnawed on whiskey-soaked washcloths and dirty wooden blocks, and they turned out just FINE, thank you very much.

5. PARENT:  “No dessert until you finish your vegetables!”
GRANDPARENT: “Would you like candy after you finish that cupcake?”

4. PARENT: Wakes up 2-3 times a night to feed the baby.
GRANDPARENT:  Wakes up 2-3 times a night to empty the bladder.

3. PARENT: Disciplines bad behavior with a time-out.
GRANDPARENT:  Laughs at bad behavior and calls it “karma.”

2. PARENT: “You need to go to bed!  It’s almost eight o’clock!”
GRANDPARENT: “It’s nine o’clock?  Okay, you can watch one more movie.”

1.PARENT: Thankful to hand off kids to grandparents for a few hours of peace.
GRANDPARENT: Thankful to hand kids back to parents after a few hours of chaos.

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