Squeegee Your Way to a Masterpiece

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One of the easiest ways to get children excited about art is to do it on a large scale. This simple project is great for kids of all ages because it uses a big canvas and a large squeegee that’s easy for them to manipulate. Plus, the outcome is such a captivating piece of abstract art that kids can’t help but be proud of making it.

For this project, you’ll need:

  • A large, plain canvas from a craft store
  • A shower squeegee
  • Various colors of tempera paint
  • Newspaper or table cloth to protect your work surface (this is optional)

To begin, simply squeeze a few dots of tempera paint onto the canvas.

Next, tell your child to use the squeegee to drag the paint drops across the canvas. This step can be repeated over and over to achieve a layered effect.

It also helps to periodically change the orientation of either the canvas or the squeegee.

And don’t be afraid to add more globs of paint on top to help create extra dimension in your piece.

Keep layering paint on until you’re happy with the final result. Then you can either hang the masterpiece on the wall or stash it away to be used as the canvas for a fresh piece of artwork another day.

Photo Credits: Stephanie Morgan

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