New Year’s Eve: Before and After Kids


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It is almost time to welcome the New Year and, as the media uses the occasion to reflect on the highlights of the past year, I can’t help but also reflect on something else: How celebrating New Year’s Eve has changed since having kids.

New Year’s Eve: Before and After Kids

BEFORE KIDS: Do a shot at the bar at midnight, as the party was just getting started.
AFTER KIDS: Raise a glass of wine on the sofa in celebration of actually managing to stay awake until midnight — then promptly go to bed.

BEFORE KIDS: Make a New Year’s resolution to spend more time with family.
AFTER KIDS: Make a New Year’s resolution to spend more time by yourself.

BEFORE KIDS: Stumble into apartment at 6AM after night of revelry.
AFTER KIDS: Wake up at 6AM after toddler jumps on your back.

BEFORE KIDS: Blow loud, obnoxious horns.
AFTER KIDS: Cherish the quiet of the kids finally sleeping, with the only permitted noise being the banter of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN.

BEFORE KIDS: Throw on LBD (little black dress).
AFTER KIDS: Throw on WCP (warm comfy pajamas).

BEFORE KIDS: Drunk-text “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” to everyone in your contact list.
AFTER KIDS: “Like” a friend’s New Year’s meme of a hamster wearing a top hat on Facebook and call it a night.

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