Make It: Simple DIY Bubble Blowers

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For kids, summer is the season of the bubble — the bigger, the better.  So the next time you’re hanging out in the backyard enjoying the sunshine, try making one of these two simple bubble blowers.  Your children are sure to be impressed.

Water, dish soap, a sock and a plastic bottle are all you’ll need for hours of fun.  To start, make your bubble solution by mixing 3 parts water with 1 part dish soap in a medium-sized bowl.  Then cut off the bottom of your plastic bottle and dip it into the solution.

Next, tell your child to put the bottle to his mouth and blow for some jumbo-sized bubbles.

To extend the amount of playtime you get out of this activity, grab an old sock and secure it to the end of your bottle with a rubber band.

Now, instead of over-sized bubbles, your kids will get a bubble chain that grows and grows the more they blow.

These bubble blowers are especially well-suited to younger kids because they’re easy to hold and don’t require as much blowing accuracy as a flimsy plastic bubble wand.  Make one for your little guys today and be prepared for lots of time to relax in the backyard while the kids are happily occupied. And get ready to take lots of photos of the bubbly fun!

Photo Credits: Stephanie Morgan

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