How Your First Day as a Mom is Like The First Day of School

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With it being back-to-school season, it seems like the checklist of “to do” items in preparation for the first day of school just keeps growing and growing.  Supplies and lunchboxes and PTO meetings…oh my!  My daughter actually starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks, so this is my first real (meaning: non-preschool) school season — and, in going through the checklist and getting her ready for the big day, I feel a certain sense of familiarity. 

Not just because I, too, went to school several centuries ago, but also because…

The first day of school seems to share many similarities with my first day as a mom. In fact, here are eight such similarities:

8. You end up buying way more supplies than you need.

Your family forces you to pose for an excessive number of pictures that will be splashed across social media.

You’re overwhelmed by a mixture of excitement, bewilderment and exhaustion (because you didn’t sleep well the night before).

You’re offered a ton of help and guidance, which will already dissipate by the next day.

You have to let the people in charge know when you have to use the restroom.

3. The lunch menu leaves something to be desired.

2.  There’s a kid crying.

1. You can’t help but gulp and think, “I have a LOT of work ahead of me!”
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