Breaking Out of Your Workout Rut

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The view from my beach run.  I know, life’s tough :-)

One word could have summed me up — BORED! I’ve always been one of those ritual workout people. It was on my calendar and I was at the gym faithfully each and every day. But recently, I was in a real exercise slump. The same old routine had gotten to me and I found myself making excuses for not working out. I have to wash my hair, I have to water the plants, I have to take out the garbage — you get the picture. So, when I was asked to participate in the Ziploc® Fresh 180 challenge, “Breaking out of your Workout Rut” I thought, this was made for me.

I started doing some research on the Internet and found a bunch of different ways I could mix it up and not even have to go to the gym. Here were my favorites:

1.  Exercise DVDs. There are so many cool exercise formats out there — from kettlebells to kickboxing to power yoga! I picked up several different DVDs and put them on rotation, so I could do a different workout every day. I was sorer than I’d been in a while because I was using different muscles. And each workout was really fun!

2.  Trail running.
I don’t know about you, but I find myself cooped up in the office A LOT. I look forward to getting some fresh air after one of those days. Getting into the great outdoors feels so good — and now I dedicate one day a week to that adventure and invite a friend. If you’re not into running, walking briskly works, too. Just remember to take deep breaths and smell the pine trees.

3.  Apps. I couldn’t believe how many fitness apps there were out there that I could download to my smartphone! You can get everything from power training to weights, running apps to interval training — and they’re timed, with music. Now, I’ve got a whole lineup of apps on my phone and I rotate them.

Getting my app workout on!

4.  A jump rope and rubber band. Some simple equipment has made a big difference at home. I can use the jump rope to get in my cardio and an exercise band with handles for resistance training. There are thousands of different exercises for all different skill levels and for when I travel. Instead of relying on the gym at the hotel, it’s something I can do on the go. I just pack those in a gallon size Ziploc® brand bag and I’m off to the races.

Just by changing up my routine and incorporating a few different techniques, I feel so much more invigorated about my workout. My love for sweat is revived!

Disclaimer: I was paid to develop this post and to provide related images for Ziploc®. As always, all opinions are my own.


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