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Hello, (excited wave)!  So nice to meet you all!

I’m Kelle Hampton, and I’ve been blogging at Enjoying the Small Things for six years. What began as a little outlet for combining words, photos and a creative itch turned into a bigger outlet but with the same purpose–I still write to explore interests and ideas, to connect with a community and to be reminded that through all of our challenges, there are so many happy moments for which to be grateful.

In January of 2010, we welcomed our second daughter, Nella, and found out shortly after she was born that she had Down syndrome. A post I wrote about her birth led to the writing of Bloom, a memoir about our first year of loving her and the power of perspective. Since then, we’ve expanded our family with a son for a total brood of five, including my two stepsons. My husband and I raise our crew in Naples, Florida, not too far from the Gulf of Mexico where we enjoy a lot of sunsets and lose a lot of beach toys.

I take photos and write about what I love, and I love a great many things. Thank God women don’t have to subscribe to only one area because there’s a lot to explore in life, and I’m not really a fits-in-the-box kind of girl. We are mothers, we are wives, we are friends, community members, crafters, bakers, thinkers, makers. We derive lessons from our challenges and vulnerabilities, we hold each other up and high five friends near and far for overcoming small mountains in parenting, and we celebrate the many things that cushion those big hard moments–the things that make life grand. Good music, a clean kitchen, walks on the beach, nights with friends, scoring a great quilt at a thrift shop, finding the perfect red lipstick, holding a sleeping baby and feeling there’s nowhere we’d rather be, redesigning new corners of our homes, recognizing life’s challenges as meaningful gifts and loving ourselves and those around us for every perfect imperfection that makes us who we are. I’m excited to bring some of these topics to eHow and look forward to contributing to this new community.

If the Internet had a kitchen, I’d make you all some cookies right now.

Photos courtesy of Kaity Ayres Photography

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