9 Inspired Ideas on How to Set Up a Homework Station in Any Space

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It’s back-to-school season and as the days grow shorter and colder, many parents are once again faced with the task of finding a suitable space for their kids to complete all that homework. In a perfect world, we’d all love an entire room set up just for this purpose, but few of us actually have the square footage to achieve such a lofty goal. Lucky for us, a whole slew of industrious bloggers have made it their mission to prove that there’s space for a useable homework station in every home (and we do mean every home).

Our favorite creative ways to fit a DIY homework station into your space fall into two main categories: a central spot where you can store supplies that also offers easy access to the kitchen or dining table where the kids can work, and those that are self-contained and include all the necessary supplies as well as a spot to sit and study. Here are our top picks for each:

Portable Homework Stations

The most portable, and thereby most doable, homework stations consist of little more than a caddy or cart that you can bring out when needed and store away when not.

  • Uncommon Design’s pint-sized beauty is simply a festively decorated crate stocked with all the necessary supplies. It’s a project any parent can handle — painting the crate is completely optional!
  • Homework carts are also an ingenious way to keep everything your kiddos need in one, easy-to-move spot. We love the bright colors of this cart from Smashed Peas and Carrots, as well as the clean look of Trebuchet‘s cart.

Out-of-the-Way Homework Stations

Another popular homework station strategy is to pick an available closet, cabinet or empty corner and carve out some space for the kids’ supplies, as well as an “in” and “out” folder for homework.

  • Simplify 101 has a nice list of basic supplies to include in your closet homework station.
  • Hub Pages shows you how to easily set up a compact corner station for the kids using just a few cubbies and small bulletin boards.

Desk Homework Stations

If you’re dreading the idea of your kitchen or dining table perpetually covered in the kids’ papers, these ideas are for you:

  • My Fabuless Life manages to beautifully squeeze a study spot into an unbelievably tight space. It gives new meaning to the idea of maximizing your square footage.
  • This hallway nook from Sand and Sisal also takes advantage of what would have otherwise been wasted space.
  • This multi-use homework station from Modern Parents Messy Kids keeps things simple so you can easily play down the “study space” feel when entertaining.  
  • This homework station from This Old House takes it to the next level by completely housing itself within an unused closet. We love the look you can achieve just by removing the doors and lining it with some kid-friendly wallpaper.
  • Finally, the award for most inventive and efficient use of space goes to Teal and Lime for their laundry/schoolroom/craft room space.

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