8 Best Things About Being a Mom in Winter

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Woman in Parka

With the approach of winter, often comes dread.  Dread of braving the freezing cold temperatures.  Dread of spending hours bundling up our kids just to go outside for a minute.  Dread of gaining the “Winter 15″ (or is that just me?).  However, there are some often-overlooked benefits to welcoming the chillier season.

Here are eight of the best things about being a mom in winter:

8. Having to wear warm pants means no need to shave your legs.

7. If your baby smears a jar of pureed peas in his hair, you can just stick a Santa hat on his head and call it a day.

6. It’s the season of hot cocoa and hot toddies, which contain two of moms’ favorite things: caffeine and alcohol.

5. Whenever the kids misbehave, you can shift responsibility for them to somebody else: “Santa is watching you!”

4. Carrying extra baby weight? No problem.  Parkas are VERY forgiving.

3. It gets dark earlier, which means it’s easier to trick, er… encourage the kids to go to bed earlier, too.

2. You have a solid excuse for not letting the teenager drive:  “Sorry, the roads are just TOO TREACHEROUS!” (even if there’s only a light dusting of snow on the ground).

1. Frustration from PTA drama, sibling squabbles and cluttered houses can be channeled in fun way: SNOWBALL FIGHTS!

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