7 Ways That Labor Day is NOTHING Like the Day You Went into Labor

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Labor Day is supposed a time to indulge in three-day weekends and barbeques.  For those of us who are moms, however, the word “labor” will forever be associated with something entirely different.

Here are seven ways that Labor Day is NOTHING like the day you went into labor:

7. You’re not expected to do anything involving actual labor.

6. The only water breaking is in the swimming pool.

5. Not only are you allowed to drink a beer, but your friends are encouraging it.

4. Instead of a bun in the oven, there are shrimp on the grill.

3. When you excitedly Tweet “IT’S HAPPENING!” you’re actually talking about the annual family game of horseshoes.

2. Your husband’s hand is flipping burgers rather than suffering your bone-crushing squeezes.

1. When you want to see your baby, all you have to do is call her name — instead of, you know, pushing every five minutes.Photo credit: iclipart.com

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