7 Ways My Husband Reminds Me of My Toddler

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We can file this one under:  “Posts That Will Probably Get Me in Trouble with My Husband.”

That being said, there are times when I can’t help but notice that my husband and 3-year-old son have more than a few things in common.  Is my toddler mature for his age?  Or is my husband regressing?  (For the sake of my marriage, we’ll make that a rhetorical question.)  Or, perhaps, some things just never change? Regardless…
Here are seven ways my husband reminds me of my toddler:

7. Melodramatically overreacts to the slightest indication of pain.

6. Easily distracted by the television.

5. Stubbornly refuses to listen when I offer direction(s).

4. Possesses inconsistent, um, aim in the bathroom.

3. Wakes me up with a single word: “Pancakes?”

2. Rolls his eyes when I tell him to stop messing up my sofa pillow arrangement.

1. Knows he’s in trouble when I use his middle name.

Of course, he’ll probably be the one using my middle name after he reads this.
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