7 Things Moms Have in Common with Hercules

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With the movie Hercules set to hit theaters this week, I couldn’t help but think about the demigod (naturally) and notice that he has an awful lot in common with us moms.  Not convinced…?  Just check out these similarities:

7 Things Moms Have in Common with Hercules

Hercules: Endures many terrible labors to become a full god.
Mom: Endures terrible labor to become a parent.

Hercules: Takes down the Cretan bull.
Mom: Stares down the playground bully.

Hercules: Cleans the Augean stables, which house the greatest number of cattle in the country, in a single day.
Mom: Cleans the kids’ bathroom, which houses the greatest number of bathtub toys and globs of toothpaste in the neighborhood, in a single hour.

Hercules: Honored by ancients with his own temples, altars, ceremonies and priests.
Mom: Honored by kids with her own pictures, handprints, songs and holiday.

Hercules: Soothed the mares of Diomedes, the horses that ate flesh.
Mom: Soothed the toddler of Zuma Beach, the baby who ate a handful of sand.

Hercules: Fights a battle with female warriors to get the girdle of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.
Mom: Fights a battle with her love handles to get ON the girdle.  Any girdle.

Hercules: A hero of mythical proportions
Mom: A hero of everyday proportions.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

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