7 Surprising Facts About Thanksgiving

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Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving

There are certain givens on Thanksgiving — lots of food, football on TV and the need for elastic waistband pants, for starters — however, there are some facts about the holiday that may surprise you.

7 Surprising Facts About Thanksgiving

7.  The author of Mary Had a Little Lamb, Sarah Josepha Hale, is largely responsible for the establishment of the national Thanksgiving holiday.
Having campaigned for it for more than 20 years before President Lincoln finally shrugged, “Yeah, sure, why not?”  Which is why now, every last Thursday in November, Mary not only has a little lamb, but also a little turkey and a little pumpkin pie.

6.  The date of Thanksgiving was changed a few times to try to boost the economy. 
President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved it to the second-to-last Thursday in 1939, 1940 and 1941 to extend the Christmas shopping season; however, only half the states went along with him, which made the whole initiative a bust.

These days, of course, we start seeing Christmas shopping signs in August, regardless of when we celebrate the holidays.  *Sigh*

5. 91 percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
The other 9 percent probably should have laid off the bread basket before dinner.

4.  Only about half the people on the Mayflower were Pilgrims.
The others, who were called “Strangers,” were just people hitching a ride to the New World.  (This obviously was before picking up hitchhiking “strangers” in your English merchant ship was considered dangerous.)

3.  Due to the popularity of white meat, turkeys are bred to have huge breasts.
In fact, modern day domesticated turkeys are not even able to mate because their breasts get in the way during mounting.  This is why most hatcheries have to use artificial insemination to fertilize the eggs.

Three words:  Turkey minimizer bras.  Problem solved!

2. About 20 percent of the cranberries that are consumed in the U.S. each year are eaten on Thanksgiving.
Huh.  So somebody does eat the cranberry sauce.

1.  The first Thanksgiving meal was believed to have consisted of deer, various types of fowl, flint corn, cod, bass and other types of fish.
Legend has it they found their protein-rich recipes on Pinterest.

Source: Today I Found Out

Photo: iClipArt.com

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