7 Signs Your Kid Has What It Takes to Be a Pro Golfer

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August has arrived, and I’m sure we’re all thinking the same thing: FINALLY!  It’s time to celebrate National Golf Month! 

With our trees decked out in festive golf balls and the scent of leather golf gloves in the air, we read Golf Digest to our kids before we send them off to sleep with visions of birdies dancing in their heads.  Meanwhile, we tenderly stroke their hair and wonder:  does my kid have what it takes to be a professional golfer?  Let’s find out!

7 Signs Your Kid Has What It Takes to Be a Pro Golfer

7. Prefers to be carted around in lieu of walking from spot to spot.

6. Demands your total attention and silence while he hits a ball.

5.  Has an affinity for outfits with mixed patterns.

4. Is passionate about hitting small objects with large sticks.

3. Gets angry when she loses a ball in the water.

2. Asks YOU to carry his balls and gear when he’s not using them.

1. Goes by a nickname such as “Boom Boom,” “Lumpy” or “Chippie.”

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