7 Murphy’s Laws About Holiday Travel for Families

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Baby sleeping in car

Santa isn’t the only one with a crazy holiday travel schedule — many of us parents also find ourselves traveling near and far, so that our families can spend the holidays with loved ones.  The only difference is that we don’t have the luxury of lightning-fast reindeer to haul everybody around.  So if you’re one of us who are stuck traveling by more pedestrian methods, I’ve come up with seven Murphy’s Laws of Holiday Travel to help you prepare:

7.  When you pull away from the last rest stop for 30 miles, your toddler will ask, “Go potty?”

6.  When you actually remember to load new games and movies on the iPad, you will forget to charge it before leaving.

5. When your baby starts to close her eyes on the plane (hallelujah!), another baby will start screaming at the top of his lungs.

4.  When you’re driving through a blizzard in the middle of nowhere, your child will have a diaper blow-out.

3. When you travel across the country already weighed down with multiple kids, suitcases, strollers and car seats, your family will buy presents for your children that are so large, you will have to abandon the kids, strollers, car seats and the contents of your suitcases to lug them back to your side of the country.

2.  When you’re not there yet, your child will ask if you are.  Repeatedly.

1.  When you are one minute away from your destination, your child will finally fall asleep.


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