7 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions: Why Moms Can’t Possibly Keep Them

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New Year’s resolutions are typically made to be broken — but at least us moms have a good excuse for ditching the common ones.  Here are seven of the most popular resolutions and why most mothers can’t possibly keep them:

7. Resolution:  Be less stressed.

Why moms can’t keep it:  We are moms.

6. Resolution:  Lose weight.

Why moms can’t keep it:  Have to “help” the kids by eating their leftover Christmas candy.  And Halloween candy.  And Valentine’s Day candy.  And…

5. Resolution:  Get out of debt and save money.

Why moms can’t keep it: Food; clothes; toys; mortgages; technology; childcare; doctor visits; dentist visits; hair salon visits; school trips; school fundraisers; college education funds; shall we go on…?

4. Resolution:  Drink less.

Why moms can’t keep it:  The promise of wine is the only thing that helps us survive the bedtime routine.

3. Resolution:  Get more sleep.

Why moms can’t keep it: No “snooze” button for the three-year-old alarm clock that wakes us up at 6AM every morning.

2. Resolution:  Get organized.

Why moms can’t keep it:  Trying to organize things with kids in the house is like shoveling during a blizzard.

1.  Resolution:  Get a better job.

Why moms can’t keep it:  We already have the best job in the world.  (Awwww.)

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