5 Ways to Bond With Your Second Baby

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Every mother-child relationship is a natural and unique bond – and connecting with your second child will undoubtedly be different than your first. For many reasons, moms (like me!) often struggle with creating those special moments that help relationships flourish with their second baby.

While they’re second in line, make baby number two feel like a gold medal winner with these 5 ways to bond with your second baby.

Write a love letter: Reality can’t be changed – your second child was born into a family with an experienced mom and an older sibling – but the wonderment of their youth and development can still be documented. Writing love letters is a great way to feel connected with your second child, while also documenting their milestones to cherish together later on. Also, by taking a moment to reflect on your baby, you might find that your bond is stronger than you think.

“Wear” Your Baby: From infancy to toddlerhood, keeping my child close through babywearing has been our steadfast way of feeling connected and bonded. When days are frantic and I find we’re spending more time running errands instead of connecting, I skip the stroller and opt for our favorite baby carrier instead.

Take Classes Together: If possible, carve out time for just you and your child. A Mommy-and-Me class, a music class, or storytime at the library might be all you need to cement some quality time together. The age difference between your children might make it difficult to find alone time with your second, but you’ll never regret making the effort. Once my oldest started preschool, I enrolled my son in a gym class. Not only was he able to exert a ton of energy, we were able to bond while learning, too.

Create Your Own Favorites: My son and I have our favorites. Even at two years old, he knows which book is “ours” and which song we love to sing together. Pick a cherished book and claim it as yours, making special time to read it together with enthusiasm. Creating special favorites (books, songs, recipes, crafts, stories) will reinforce the foundation of a strong bond.

Promote Sibling Bonds: While baby number two might have more sharing to do, they’re also lucky to have been born with a sibling. And that’s a gift of connection you should be proud of! Every day I tell my oldest how happy I am to see her alongside her little brother. I adore watching them bond, promoting and creating moments of solidarity between the two of them.

Bonding with your second child will look and feel different than it did with your first – but that doesn’t make it wrong! Your newest family member benefits from an experienced mommy, among other great advantages. Moments in which your bond is created will rest on simple, shared occasions of family and unity. While quality time with all of our little ones is important, take pride in the family legacy that you are creating.

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