No More Lasagna! These 5 Meals Will Make New Parents Really Happy

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Best Meals to take to New Parents

Let’s talk lasagna — like how it should not be on the list of best meals to take to new parents. Yes, it’s comforting, easy, one-dish and the list goes on, but lots of times, a new mom feels that if she sees one more container of lasagna, she’s going to lose it. And since she probably already feels like she’s often losing it, it’s a good idea to come up with a wider variety of yummy dishes for those crazy first few weeks after welcoming a new baby!

There were a few dishes that we really appreciated from friends and family during these last chaotic weeks of new parenthood. Part of what I do is recipe development and food blogging, but now that I had a newborn, the thought of even unloading the dishwasher was enough to make me pass out from exhaustion. It was so nice to have friends and neighbors drop off meals so that the next meal was one less thing I had to worry about. Needless to say, I also was starving by meal times especially because I’m breastfeeding.

Here are some meals that are perfectly suitable for new parents because they’re high in protein, comforting, easy to reheat, and oh yes — delicious! If Mom is nursing, be sure to avoid heavy dairy, chocolate, spicy foods or raw cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, which might cause an upset tummy for baby.

BBQ Chicken Pizza!


Make the new parents a pizza! You can customize it with their favorite flavors (and go light on the cheese if dairy is an issue) — and drop it off with baking instructions so they can simply pop it in the oven. Or, bake it for them and deliver it fresh and hot. Homemade pizzas topped with a protein also heat up well for lunch the next day!

Get the recipe for this BBQ Chicken Pizza here!

Easy Chicken Fajitas!


Because Mom and Dad will likely miss eating out at their favorite restaurants during the new baby stage, deliver a favorite restaurant dish like chicken fajitas that pack both protein and cooked vegetables. They can quickly heat the ingredients, and then wrap up their own fajitas. It’s also a good dish for a group should grandparents or other visitors stay over.

Get the recipe for these Chicken Fajitas here

Spinach Artichoke Pasta is perfect for taking to new parents!


Can you turn this all-time favorite dip into a cozy and delicious pasta dish? Yes! It’s different than every other pasta out there, but still carries the ease of being a one-dish meal that everyone will love. You could even go one step further and freeze this pasta into single-serve, microwave-safe containers to help Mom and Dad out.

Get the recipe for this Spinach Artichoke Dip Pasta here

Chili Mac Dinner Recipe


This chili mac is totally fabulous. It’s loaded with beef for protein (swap in beans for vegetarians) and lots of flavor! It’s also perfect for a slow cooker, which gives Mom and Dad free hands for handling the newborn. Send it over to the new parents with some cornbread and cookies for a fabulous meal. Similar to chili mac, any type of soup or chili is easy to eat and reheat, making them great choices for quick meals.

Get the recipe for this Chili Mac here!

Breakfast Paninis are a great treat for new parents!


No one thinks about breakfast! Let me tell you, I was so ravenous that I’d have considered reheating lasagna for breakfast. But seriously, there’s no rule that says your meal to the new parents has to be dinner. After all-nighters with the little one, you could score a total homerun by giving them a tray of breakfast panini packed with protein like these! Feel free to throw in a few donuts too, you know… just for good measure.

Get the recipe for these Breakfast Panini here

I urge you to try one of these meals for any new parents in your life. They’ll love you forever.

I want to know! What dishes did you love receiving when you had your baby? Or what dish do you enjoy taking to new parents? Leave me a comment!

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