5 Latina Mom Remedies for Fighting the Common Cold

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There’s nothing easy about your kid getting sick, but these 5 Latina mom remedies to fight the common cold will help everyone feel a bit better.

sopa de fiedo

Mami knows best — no matter what language she speaks! When I was a little girl, although our day-to-day life was in English, my mom reverted to Spanish whenever my brother or I got sick. It was as if she became her own mother, nurturing and caring for us in the most protective way she knew how. Now that I’m a mom, when I see my own kids coming down with a cold, I reach for the same cures that my mom used.

Here are 5 remedies that many Latina moms use to fight the common cold. (Do you remember or use any of these remedies, too?)

 1. Sopa de Fideo. Akin to chicken noodle soup, Latina moms reach for the tried and true recipes that cure the body and soul. While recipes differ among cultures and families, this Sopa de Fideo recipe by Sweet Life Bake is as delicious as it is nourishing. Filled with a typical Hispanic pasta and nourishing vegetables and chicken, sopa de fideo (or de pollo) is a go-to Hispanic recipe for Latina moms.

2. Warm salt water. At the first sound of sickness, my mom would warm a cup of water with salt and make me gargle. It was disgusting, but a sure way to kill off the growing bacteria that would otherwise make me sick.

3. Hot water with lemon and honey. To soothe throats and sore moods, a simple, hot mixture of water, lemon and honey is a great remedy for almost any age (babies younger than one shouldn’t consumer honey). The lemon provides a boost of vitamins, while the honey provides a bit of soothing sweetness. Hot to warm water soothes an itchy throat, too.

4. Vapor rub. Why do Latina moms love vapor rub? I have no idea. But when I started to get the sniffles, my mom would rub me down with this stuff — from my chest to the bottoms of my feet!

5. La amor de mami. Hispanic culture is all about familia — and especially so when your loved ones are ill. To this day, all I need when I’m feeling under the weather is my mom’s love. It’s all about gentle hands checking your forehead for a fever, a furrowed brow hunched over you with concern and the overwhelming feeling that everything will be OK because your mom is there to take care of you.

Being sick is for the birds — especially for our little ones. Being a Latina mom, I reach for these remedies to help my babies fight the simple ickies that kids come across every so often. But I hope to also offer them the love, security and comfort in my care that nourishes their souls, too.

Photo credit: Sweet Life Bake
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