20 Treats Perfect for “Booing” Your Neighbors

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The top 20 Treats for "Booing" Your Neighbors

What is “booing?” Booing is the act of leaving a treat on one (or many) of your neighbor’s doorsteps along with a note (like this) saying they’ve been “booed” and asking them to pass it on. It can actually be a really fun way for a neighborhood to come together in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

The key is to also include a sign that the “booed” family puts in their window so that no one else in the neighborhood “boos” them. Do not, I repeat, do not skip this step unless your goal is to become the social pariah of your ‘hood. Doing so can leave some poor soul responsible for “booing” 20 houses over a span of three days — which is no fun at all.

If you asked me six years ago if I was going to “boo” my neighbors this year, you would have received a blank stare and possibly heard crickets chirping in the background. Fast forward to today and I’m a “booing” expert. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m now the proud keeper of three little ones or because the practice has become uber popular over the last few years.

So now that you’ve got the basic concept, what constitutes an ideal “boo” treat? Something that is compact, portable and (most importantly) a real crowd-pleaser. Here are 20 of our favorite possibilities:

  1. Halloween Candy Bark (pictured) – This stuff is almost too pretty to eat. (Almost.)
  2. Spider Infested Chocolate Chip Cookies (pictured)- Aka the most ingenious chocolate chip cookie hack ever.
  3. Pumpkin Popcorn Balls (pictured)- A little higher up on the difficulty scale but these little pumpkins are incredibly cute to behold.
  4. Halloween Muddy Buddy Mix (pictured) – Make a big batch, fill a few bags for the neighbors, and keep the rest for yourself.
  5. Poison Toffee Apples (pictured) – So much more sinister than your average caramel apple.
  6. Nutter Butter Ghosts – Fun and simple to make with the kids. You can knock out lots of these in no time.
  7. Gooey Monster Cookies – Proving anything can be made spooky with the addition of monster googly eyes.
  8. Halloween Fudge – Fudge and candy corn, two of my favorite things.
  9. Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops – A truly impressive treat if you want to be the overachiever of the neighborhood.
  10. Halloween Fruit Cups – Perfect if you want to go the other way and be the underachiever of the neighborhood but still get brownie points for being healthy.
  11. Mile High Pumpkin Pie Bars – This light and fluffy dessert is one the whole family will enjoy.
  12. Owl S’mores – Kids will love making these almost as much as they’ll love receiving them.
  13. Pumpkin S’mores Cupcakes – Apparently, S’mores are the new Halloween trend.
  14. Pumpkin Spice Krispie Treats – Because I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like Rice Krispie Treats.
  15. Orange Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Bowls – Again, your neighbors will thank you for going the extra mile and finding a healthy treat the kids will still be excited about.
  16. Mason Jar Jell-O Ghosts – I love how it looks like you managed to trap a little ghost in your mason jar.
  17. Monster Donuts – So simple and, yet, nothing beats a tasty donut.
  18. Pumpkin Pie Tarts – There will be no doubt that these Jack-O-Lantern tarts were made with love.
  19. Copy Cat Starbucks Pumpkin Pound Cake – Is there any doubt this will be amazing?
  20. Pretzel Bones – Put them in a little bag and you’ve got a “bag of bones.”

Photo credits: Just a Taste; Moms & Munchkins; What’s Cooking, Love?; Sweet Treats & More; Simply Delicious

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