10 Things Moms Are (Really) Grateful For

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We’re grateful for our kids and spouse and family, yes. But moms are also (really) grateful for the little things that make mothering easier, happier and all-around awesome.

what moms are grateful for this holiday season

There’s no doubt that being a mom is full of amazing things to be grateful for. The miracle of creating a family — through birth or otherwise — is something I’ve longed for all my life. As I continue to build my family legacy with my husband and two children, I’m starting to realize something: It’s OK to be grateful for the simple (and mundane) things that make my mothering better. It’s OK to show gratitude for the things that fill my soul, lift my esteem and make me a better woman.

Do other mothers feel the same?

I reached out to mom friends online and asked them, “In addition to your family (of course!), what are you grateful for on a daily basis?” Here are the 10 things we came up with:

1. Blow-Dry Bars. I’ve been living under a rock! Did you know there are places where you could walk in, get your hair shampooed (with a head massage!) and walk out with a gorgeous blowout — all in 30 minutes? As a busy mom with a head full of curly hair, I’m now so grateful for this quick and efficient beauty service!

2. Pandora. Camille from Growing Up Gabel and mother of two says she’s thankful for Pandora — and we completely agree. She says, “It sets my life to music. I have an anthem for when I cook, when I exercise, when I work and when I pray.”

moms are grateful for holiday season3. Mascara. This long-loved beauty item has helped moms feel pretty for years — such an easy way to open up tired eyes. It’s amazing what a few, quick swipes of mascara does to help us take on busy days — from parent conferences to date night. It’s a makeup must-have.

4. Activity Discount Apps. Do you ever feel like you’re the family’s entertainment chairmen? Keeping the calendar filled with inspiring and fun activities would be hard to do without various discount apps — and McCall Humes, mom and blogger at McCall of the Wild says, “The activities I’ve found on Groupon, Living Social and Amazon Locals in the last year have served as inspiration for a lot of my adventures and made it affordable enough that I can cross some amazing things off my bucket list!”

5. Leggings. Moms everywhere are screaming YES! to Samantha’s pick: comfortable leggings. She’s a busy mom of four little ones, but Samantha always looks pulled together and fashionable. When I asked her mom-fashion secret, she expressed her gratitude for the ease and style (and no doubt comfort!) of leggings.

moms are grateful for holiday season

6. Crock-Pots. Perhaps the most beloved kitchen tool for busy moms, the Crock-Pot is certainly something to be grateful for.  Abigail, a Kindergarten teacher and mom of three, says, “My family can still have a home-cooked meal without a ton of prep or effort from their tired mama! This slow cooker Stuffed Pepper Soup recipe is one of their favorites.”

7. KitchenAid Mixers.  Brandie isn’t only a mother to teenagers and an easy recipe blogger, but she’s an avid baker, too! So during the holidays, she says her KitchenAid Mixer gets her vote. “Every time I use it, I’m grateful for the time it saves,” says Brandie. “Plus it looks great on my kitchen counter.”

8. Hobbies. Trying out a new hobby and discovering the ability to create something where once it didn’t exist is a gift unto itself. Tammy Stafford (Twisted Purl Girl blogger) shares her gratitude for the healing practice of knitting and how this hobby has helped her deal with the grief of losing a child.

9. The Garden. Even with all the amazing gifts of motherhood, the need of self-care is still paramount. Moms need respite — a space to quiet their minds and bodies from it all. Wendy, an adventure seeker, mom and lover of life, is most grateful for the garden she grows at home. “I find peace in my desert garden,” Wendy says. “Everyone needs to plant something and watch it grow. It’s good for the soul.”

10. Travel: Before we were moms, we were other people. Sure, maybe not every mom likes to travel, but we’re willing to bet that most of us enjoy a day off or two to recharge ours souls. Daisy, mom and blogger of The It Mom, was thankful for having the opportunity to travel internationally for the first time. Daisy says, “It was a tropical paradise and much-needed vacation to recharge, reflect and re-shift my focus back on the right track we so often lose along the way.”

From the simple to the profound, it’s OK to be grateful for the things that make mothering an even greater experience. So, while our babies and spouses will always reign the charts of gratitude, the simple things that make moms feel pretty and present are worth noting, too.
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