10 Kids Who Deserve an “A” for Creativity (if Not Accuracy)

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We’ve all been there: stumped by a homework assignment or test question, as your heart races and mind draws a complete blank. However, some kids have the, shall we say, gumption to think outside the box and offer imaginative responses that may not exactly earn them top grades, but certainly provide us with giggles. (And isn’t that what really matters? … No? Oh well.)

Here are 10 such kids who deserve an “A” for creativity (if not accuracy):

Apparently, the science teacher isn’t a romantic.

Credit: Sympatico

Smart aleck haiku
Makes mom secretly giggle
Must share on Imgur.

Credit: Imgur

That’s true.  Any good student would know Saturn has been “orbiting” with Venus for billions of years.

Credit: Favim

What a coincidence — the same dinosaur-riding ninja appeared just as I was about to clean the house last night!  I was stunned to the point that I could no longer pick up toys and had to sit down to watch House Hunters instead.

Credit: FunnyJunk

Hard to argue with that logic.

Credit: Shame-full

f. Toddler’s theory of sharing.

Credit: Shame-full

Even if he did, he would communicate with her in grunts, not Spanish. Duh.

Credit: Shame-full

And they say kids have no appreciation for history.

Credit: Shame-full

On the bright side, Peter has a promising career in algebraic equation humor!

Credit: BeConfused

Obviously, the teacher hasn’t seen the “tea set” portion of the shapes flashcards.

Credit:  OMG Cute Things

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