Wood Veneer Tags Add Refined, Rustic Edge to Gifts

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At the risk of causing mild hysteria, I’m just going to say it — the holidays are just around the corner, and so, of course, is the hustle and bustle of gift-giving season. If you haven’t already started your plan of attack for 2014 hostess and holiday presents, now may be the perfect time. To get your energy and inspiration firing, let’s start small with a clever yet inexpensive DIY tag idea that will wow them even before they start unwrapping.



It all starts with a roll of wood veneer edging. Snagged from your local hardware store for less than $5 (no more than $10), veneer is useful for far more than fixing your faux wood surfaces. It makes the perfect gift tag material and can be manipulated without requiring anything heavier-duty than a pair of scissors and a hole punch.



First, snip off a 4-inch length of the wood veneer using your scissors. Then, cut a notch into the end of the strip. Measure only if you prefer precision. I just eyeballed the detail, snipping a “V” shape about 1/2 inch into the veneer. This little finishing touch gives the veneer a manicured edge and makes it look a bit like rusticated ribbon.



Next, use a hole punch to cut a hole into the opposite end of the veneer tag. Due to the thickness of the wood, you may need to squeeze once to get the hole started and then flip the tag over and punch over the same area to get the hole fully formed.



With the base of the tag complete, you can then grab a ball point pen or permanent marker and write out the gift recipient’s name. Because hand-lettering has been all the rage this year, I broke out my go-to Laura Hooper Calligraphy starter kit to help perfect the handwriting on my tag. Practice writing on a scrap piece of paper beforehand, or use a pencil to mark your lines lightly ahead of time, and then go back over with the permanent ink.



I finished the wrapping by creating a DIY pompom embellishment with some neon yarn and then knotted my veneer gift tag right onto the pink string. With a little bit of hot glue, I attached the pompom to the top of a gift box wrapped with ribbon and called the project done. Oh, and the best part? With 24.5 feet of veneer edging left on my roll, I have more than enough to make tags for all of our holiday and hostess gifts this year.



Carrie Waller is the writer, designer and stylist behind the blog Dream Green DIY. Photos courtesy of Carrie Waller.

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