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The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about “speed cleaners.” The article not only talked about the personality traits of those who like to clean quickly, but also discussed sub-categories of this cleaning style. It made me realize that we all have different ways of cleaning. For instance, my hubby calls me a binge cleaner because when I find the time in my busy schedule to clean I tend to go overboard.

Curious to learn more about cleaning habits, I asked people to describe their cleaning style. Here are just a few types of cleaners that I’ve discovered. Which type are you?

The Faker — This person is really good at tidying up before company arrives, but though their home may look perfect, they have everything hidden behind closed doors where no one can see their hidden mess.

Half-Baked — This person is always trying to keep their home clean, but doesn’t really know what they’re doing. They may be vigilant about vacuuming their carpets every night but they never vacuum under furniture or edge around the woodwork.

The Particular Day Cleaner — This person will only clean on a certain day of the week. I’ve found that people who clean in this manner tend to be older since they don’t work full time and are able to keep a very exact schedule.

Clean It As You See It — This person is cleaning constantly but only in spurts of dabs and touch-ups. The one handed cleaning dispenser is a great tool for them as they are great multi-taskers and can clean and talk on the phone at the same time.

It Can Wait — Do you like putting off your cleaning? You are an it-can-wait cleaner. Just make sure you don’t wait too long.

Squeeze It In — This type of cleaner is too busy to clean but tries to make time to squeeze it in. They tend to stay up late so they can get a few things cleaned before bed.

Clean To A Fault — This person can’t relax because there is always something that needs cleaning. They clean places that haven’t seen light in years.  EVERYTHING in their home is perfect, yet they still feel like there is something else that needs cleaning.

Lightning Bug Cleaner — Ever watch a lightning bug? It lights up for a second then you don’t see it for a few minutes and then it lights up again. People actually clean like this. They clean a few things then stop. They find something else to distract them for a while and then get back to cleaning after a few minutes. This type of cleaner takes forever to clean their house.

The DON’T Cleaner — They don’t like to clean so they opt to not clean at all, which isn’t really an option in my opinion.

How would you describe your cleaning style?

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