Wake Up Tired Napkin Rings with Spray Paint and Washi Tape

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Wake up tired napkin rings with spray paint and washi tape

There are so many do-it-yourself projects to dress up a dinner party table. From easy-to-make faux charger plates to DIY linen napkins to affordable floral centerpieces, the possibilities are numerous and, fortunately, don’t cost all that much to throw together if you search overstock retailers and big-box party supply stores. Do-it-yourself tablescape touches also help keep costs down, and today I’m showing you one easy way to get the most bang for your buck.

Blue napkin rings in serious need of an update

The smooth plastic finish on these napkin rings made them perfect for spray painting

This story begins with a friend of mine who had just moved into a beautiful new home. I had offered to help her unpack and, while knee-deep in boxes, she started offering little odds and ends to me that she no longer had a place for — these plastic blue napkin rings being one such goody. As soon as I saw the flat middle and smooth plastic finish, my mind began racing with DIY embellishment possibilities, and this past weekend I finally made good on my plans.

Blue napkin rings spread out on cardboard outside

Blue napkin rings spread out on cardboard outside

Blue napkin rings spread out on cardboard outside with can of white spray paint

First, I took my new-to-me plastic napkin rings out to the back driveway and laid them about 2 inches apart from one another on a piece of scrap cardboard. My intention was to take the blue color down to a crisp and pure (read: updated!) white by using spray paint, and I was happy to discover that it took only two coats to achieve a solid new finish. Afterward, I brought the rings back inside where I left them to cure overnight.

A variety of patterned washi tape rolls

Next, I brought the lot up to my studio and broke out several different rolls of washi tape. This thick, patterned tape has got to be one of my very favorite DIY tools. The colors add so much personality to my projects, plus the adhesive backing makes it a breeze to work with.

To add the tape to my napkin rings, I simply unfurled 4 inches of the tape and carefully wrapped it around the flat center section of each napkin ring until it met the end on the other side. Now, when my guests come to feast at our dinner table, they can claim their seat based on which napkin ring sports their favorite colors and pattern — a grown-up game of musical chairs that everyone will enjoy!

Wake up tired napkin rings with white spray paint and washi tape

Wake up tired napkin rings with white spray paint and washi tape

Carrie Waller is the writer, designer and stylist behind the blog, Dream Green DIY. Photos courtesy of Carrie Waller.

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