Transform a Garden Trellis into a DIY Advent Calendar

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There’s nothing quite so exciting this time of year as counting down to the big day in December. Christmas time is just around the corner, and to make the most of that magical anticipation, why not celebrate it with a DIY advent calendar? Although the methods and supplies for such a project are numerous, I’m here to challenge you to repurpose something that you might already have on hand: a simple garden trellis.


The idea struck me in the middle of an aisle in the nursery at our local hardware store. After spotting the white trellis in a sea of earth-toned wooden supports, I couldn’t help but see a shape that suited our holiday decor. $10 later, it was mine.



To transform your own garden trellis into an advent calendar, the first step is to flip it on end to mimic the tapered shape of a Christmas tree. Next, screw 25 small brass rings all over the front of the trellis. The wood of my trellis was soft enough that I didn’t need to drill pilot holes (I just screwed my hooks right into place), but feel free to incorporate a drill and bit if you have trouble adding hooks by hand to your own trellis. As I worked across the piece with my hooks, I spaced them out according to the intersection of the wood slats.



After that, I created a pile of paper tags using different sheets of patterned scrapbook paper and a large round hand punch. I chose patterns that fit in with our blue, yellow, gold and gray color scheme so that everything looked cohesive and intentional when complete.

Next, I used a standard sized hole punch to add holes to the tops of my tags. To finish I drew numbers onto the fronts of my tags using a fine tipped Sharpie marker.



Before looping my tags onto the hooks, I wrote my name, my sister’s name (who visits often during the holiday season) and my husband’s name on the backs of the paper. Now, as each day passes, bringing us closer to the holiday, we can alternately dig into a drawer filled with festive candy.

We wish you the happiest of Christmas time countdowns!






Carrie Waller is the writer, designer and stylist behind the blog Dream Green DIY. Photos courtesy of Carrie Waller.

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