The Triple Holiday Wreath

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With fall in full swing, around the house holiday decorations have crept into the forefront of my creative thinking. However, being the thrifty home-lover I am, the thought of shelling out a ton of cash for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations makes my head spin. So why not kill three birds with one stone and create a berry wreath to weather all three holidays? Not only is this door decor perfectly simple to make, but using berries in warm fall colors will help preserve your pocketbook all season long.

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The Supply List

  • Wreath frame
  • Berry stems (I used 50 for this project)
  • Needle-nose pliers or scissors
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Once you’ve gathered your supplies, use the wire cutters on your needle-nose pliers, or a pair of scissors, to trim the stems a bit. You’ll only need 4-5 inches of stem remaining past the berries.

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After you’ve trimmed all the stems, begin inserting them into your wreath frame at a 45 degree angle. The stems should stay put on their own, but feel free to secure any loose stems with a bit of the leftover wire from our recently completed trim session.

Continue to work your way around the wreath until the entire frame is filled with berries.

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Since most berry stems are equipped with wire centers, bend and twist the branches until your wreath is evenly filled.

So lovely and simple, even the novice crafter can knock this one out of the park.

Photo Credit: Cara Wilkerson

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