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My storage creativity began just after my first baby shower, well showers, I should say. I had three lovely bootie, onesie, and bib-filled parties.  I had busily decorated my tiny nursery to perfection.

With a tiny closet to match, I was busting at the seams to store all my new adorable gifts AND keep my darling decor. Creative storage ideas became my designer signature as I realized everyone has some kind of storage dilemma (or we all have way too much stuff!?).

Every room has some unused space that can converted to storage – Now that doesn’t mean buy giant plastic bins and stack them in the corner! It does mean you need to learn my storage mantra, “Can we create something built-in, built-under, built-over, or built-around?” That simply means, where can we put classy, interesting, stylish storage!

Some of my favorite examples…

Yes, doing a built-in can be pricey, but it’s always considered one of the most valuable assets to a home, greatly adding to its overall value. Just like you would make the decision to do granite countertops or upgraded flooring, if you are space-challenged, you should consider a built-in that dazzles while it organizes.

For quick-fix storage, think of closed items that look good at the same time. I love storage ottomans. They come in many sizes, looks, fabrics and finishes. Storage ottomans are my favorite way to disguise the kiddie toys in the family room! Note to families with children: Yes, your children are the most important thing in the house, their toys are not. Don’t spend time and money on your perfect decor and then litter all the rooms with primary-colored plastic!

And don’t forget the walls – vertical storage is the most underestimated space. Just remember it’s got to be stylish! Some of the best wall storage solutions are actually floor storage solutions.

Ok, now it’s your turn – get creative, stay stylish and send us your creative ideas.

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